mardi 26 juillet 2011

Iraq Inquiry Will Slam Blair,Straw, Campbell - Channel 4

Iraq Inquiry Will Slam Blair,Straw, Campbell - Channel 4

published by Tony  in 'Wolves in the City'

Confirmation from a Whitehall source of something the Independent on Sunday mentioned last weekend. “Salmon letters” from the Iraq Inquiry are about to wing their way to witnesses including Tony Blair.

These are letters that inform individuals who may be criticised in the final report of the terms of the criticism so they get a chance to argue for changes. They’re named after Lord Salmon who held an inquiry into public ethics in the 1970s.

It means that the Inquiry will publish its final report some time after 10 October, when Parliament returns after the party conferences. Quite when after 10 October is an unknown – even to the Inquiry, I understand.

Individuals who are criticised may demand sight of the confidental material that hasn’t yet been put on the Iraq Inquiry website.

The Inquiry has not finished all its battles for disclosure of government documents. There are many battles still to be fought. But the report is being written.

Posted by TONY on 25.7.11

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