lundi 18 juillet 2011

ITF EU Representative Dr Hassan Aydinli met Member of the European Parliament Mr. Metin Kazak

Merry Fitzgerald and Dr. Hassan Aydinli with MEP Metin Kazak
MEP Metin Kazak's assistants at the EU Parliament

BRUSSELS, June 22nd 2011

ITF EU Representative Dr. Hassan AYDINLI met Mr. Metin KAZAK, MEP (Bulgaria) Vice-Chair Sub-Committee on Human Rights at the European Parliament.

During the meeting ITF EU Representative updated MEP Metin Kazak about the situation in Kerkuk and the Turkmen region and he stressed the importance of holding a hearing dedicated exclusively to the Turkmens at the EU Parliament.

Mr.Metin Kazak was supportive of the idea and said that he would first discuss this with his political group at the EU Parliament (the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe) and that he subsequently would propose to his colleagues at the Commission to hold such a Hearing at the beginning of October 2011.

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