jeudi 21 juillet 2011


In addition to the dispute between Iraq and Kuwait regarding the new Mubarak port in Kuwait, the two countries are also reported to be in conflict about the planned siting of nuclear reactors.

Press TV reports that the head of the Kuwaiti national committee for nuclear power, Ahmad Bisharah, has said that Kuwait is planning to build 4 nuclear reactors near the Iraqi border by 2022.

Kuwait says that it needs to go ahead with this project to generate enough electricity to meet the ever-increasing increasing demand.

The plan has outraged Iraqi politicians. They have urged Kuwait to stop its plan accusing the country officials of being a tool in the hands of the US to weaken Iraq economically and politically.

Meanwhile, members of Basra’s provisional council have also urged Kuwait to stop its project planned to be launched in Warbh [Warbah] Island less than 4 km away from the Iraqi coast south of Basra .

They say that Iraqi government must take a serious stance towards the project.

The Iraqi government spokesman, Ali Al Dabagh, has said that Iraq ‘s foreign ministry will do its best through diplomatic channels to stop Kuwait from going on with the nuclear reactor project.

(Source: PressTV)

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