vendredi 21 décembre 2012

Aid to the Turkmen victims of terrorist attacks in Tuz Khurmatu

The wounds of terror victims in Tuzhurmatu are bandaged

20 ARALIK 2012

Financial aid was made to the terror victims in Tuzhurmatu by the local administration.
As a consequence of the initiative of the Deputy Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) and
Member of Selahattin Province Assembly Ali Haşim Muhtaroğlu and Deputy Selahattin
Governor Ahmet Koca the local administration of Selahattin dispatched 100 million
dinars for the terror victims. The Financial aid was distributed to those affected by the
terror attacks in the district.

Two attacks carried out by explosive laden vehicles the previous day martyred 5 and
wounded 26 persons. Muhtaroğlu and Koca attended condolence assemblies in the
district.  Muhtaroğlu and Koca extended their messages of condolence to the families
 of the martyrs after which they distributed the financial aid.
Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Selahattin Province Haydar Reşit Kasapoğlu and 
Tuzhurmatu Governor Şelal Abdil as well as district assembly members participated
 in the distribution of the aid.
Citizens who received financial aid thanked Turkmen authorities for the initiative.
Citizens also requested the central government for aid.

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