mercredi 26 juin 2013

Suicide bombing kills 13 Turkmens in Iraq

Suicide Bombing Kills 13 in Iraq

Local Editor AL MANAR

A suicide bombing in the district of "Tuz Khurmatu" in Salahuddin province of Iraq killed 13 people on Tuesday, including the deputy head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Ali Hashem Mukhtar Oglu.

Two suicide bombers carried out the attack, as they blew themselves up amid a demonstration in protest against the acts of violence, killing 13 people and injuring 71 others.

Reporters mentioned that five died in a hospital in Kirkuk, while two others died in Tuz Khurmatu Hospital.

“The suicide attack targeted the ongoing demonstrations of the Turkmen and their protests to put an end to terrorism,” said the representative of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Erbil Iden Maaruf Salim.
According to Salim, large conspiracies target the Turkmen, as usual, pointing out that the Iraqi Turkmen Front held an urgent meeting in Kirkuk and that a detailed statement will be issued later.

There has been a heightened level of unrest since the beginning of the year in Iraq, coinciding with protests erupted in late December.

Political leaders have pledged to resolve outstanding disputes, and Prime Minister Maliki has met with two of his main rivals in a bid to ease tensions, but no tangible moves have been agreed.

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