mercredi 26 juin 2013

Turkish president strongly condemns suicide attack in Iraq

26 June 2013

Gul described the attack killing deputy head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Mukhtaroglu as 'shameful'

ANKARA (AA) - Turkish Pesident Abdullah Gul sent Tuesday a letter of condolence to Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Arshad Al-Salihi expressing his strong condemnation on the suicide attack in Iraq which killed 13 including deputy head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Ali Hashim Mukhtaroglu.

Stating he strongly damned the terror attack which killed 13 people and wounded 71, Gul extended his heartfelt condolence to the families of those killed, and said, "Turkish people share your pain sincerely."

Meanwhile, Iraqi Turkmen Front called on Turkmens not to go to work to show their reaction.

Gathered urgently just after the attack, the front held a meeting and issued a statement.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Turkmen Front Irbil representative Aydin Maruf Selim said Turkmens living in Iraq, particularly in Tuz Khurmatu and Kirkuk districts, would not go to work as a reaction to the attacks.

Selim said Turkmens were targeted during the attacks Tuesday, which he said had been going on for a long time.

Calling on the government to investigate the incident, Selim wanted the attacks towards Turkmens to be stopped.

26 June 2013

Anadolu Agency

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