mercredi 30 mai 2007

BRussells Tribunal's detailed account of Journalists killed in Iraq since the invasion

Dirk Adriaensens, Member of BRussells Tribunal Executive Committee has been recording the names of ALL the media professionals killed in Iraq since the Anglo-American invasion. To-date 247 Iraqi and 24 non-Iraqi media professionals have been killed!

Hereunder is the e-mail I received from Dirk Adriaensens (with his comments to IraqSlogger) and the link to the full and detailed list he has made:-

They’re listed, Merry:
And again I read in this article: “So far this month, eight Iraqi journalists and a Russian photographer have been killed in Iraq, driving up the death toll for the most dangerous war in 25 years for journalists. Reporters Sans Frontieres latest count puts the toll of journalists and media assistants killed in Iraq at 177, while the Committee to Protect Journalists counts 104 journalists.”( And 39 support workers)

I react to every article I see that uses the wrong figures of RSF and CPJ.
I write to IraqSlogger:

247 Iraqi and 24 non-Iraqi media professionals have been killed since the invasion of Iraq. See full list with details at
Please use the correct figures. RSF and CPJ have the numbers wrong.

Dirk Adriaensens
Member BRussells Tribunal executive committee
Coordinator SOS Iraq

I never get any reaction.
It’s sad.
We list 90 % more media professionals killed than CPJ, and some 54% more than RSF.

Here’s a detailed account:

Link to the article from IraqSlogger: -

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