mercredi 16 mai 2007


Save Iraq's Children : Newspaper Initiates Urgent Appeal

May 15, 2007
The Editors of Switzerland's Zeit-Fragen newspaper have initiated an imaginative humanitarian appeal for Iraq.

Citing the 'disasterous situation' and 'humanitarian catastrophe' they are proposing to all Swiss hospitals and hospitals in other European countries not alone to provide medical relief, but immediately make room to treat at least one child, with additional accommodation for a close relative, ideally the mother.

They are also appealing to Swiss and European schools and the school community to host Iraqi children, enabling them to continue their studies until the country returns to some sort of relative normality. This measure : ' .. would not only save lives (enabling) young Iraqi students to continue their education would also represent a contribution to their country's future. For the pupils and teachers of the receiving school, it would be an opportunity to provide spontaneous help for a fellow student from a threatened country' enriching their lives, strengthening their commitment to humanity and creating 'solidarity between the two countries.'
Switzerland, they point out, is a neutral country with a strong humanitarian tradition.

Zeit Fragen is working with Hans Christian von Sponeck, former UN Deputy Secretary General and former UN Co-ordinator in Iraq and medical Dr Eva-Maria Hobiger of the Society for Austrian-Arab Relations (Gesellschaft fur Osterreichisch-Arabische Beziehungen).

Von Sponeck and Dr Eva-Maria Hobiger are in touch with Iraqi groups inside and outside Iraq and have offered their assistance to help facilitate this special and humane project.

A Trust is being set up and individial donations are welcomed, as are suggestions regarding this inititative.

As soon as the structure has been finalised, it will be on
Tel: (41) 44 35065 50

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