jeudi 24 mai 2007

STATUS OF KERKUK reported that KERKUK may become a “region” –- unaffiliated with Kurdistan or the rest of Iraq -– for the next half-decade until a decision is made on its final status. quoted a Turkmen deputy, 'Abbas al-Bayyati, who said that the “constitutional revision committee” prefers a solution that will temporarily alter the status of KERKUK until a final referendum can be effectuated in a better political context.

KERKUK is one of the main issues preventing the Iraqi legislature from reaching an agreement over a proposed bundle of constitutional revisions.

Protests by TURKMENS and ARABS have made the application of article 140 of the Iraqi constitution (relating to the status of Kirkuk) extremely difficult. According to al-Bayyati, a decision is likely to be reached whereby Kirkuk becomes a “region” for the next 5-7 years until a popular referendum is possible and carries less risks of instability.

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