lundi 28 mai 2007


In its communiqué dated 27th May 2007 the Turkmeneli Party reiterates its demand for KERKUK to be considered a "special territory" placed under the supervision of the UN Security Council and confirms its demand to cancel the referendum on KERKUK planned for the end of 2007:-

Turkmen Masses in Kirkuk appeal to the international community to cancel the referendum planned at the end of this year

It is well known that Turkmen constitute an essential part of the Iraqi people; they are deployed on the line near the Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish border; then extend eastward the Iraqi-Iranian border, along this line villages and towns inhabited by Turkmen people lies.

It seems evident from the foregoing that the demographic, geographical and the historical situations support the Turkmen ethnic background in Iraq alongside Arabs and Kurds; it obviously recognizing that the Turkmen issue is a key part of the Iraqi national issue. We all know what Iraqis suffered during the dictatorial regime within thirty-five years, but the Turkmen did not raise the banner of disobedience against the state even in earlier eras, as they did not create any organizations advocating independence or foreign association scuffle, Despite being subjected to massacres and ugly campaigns It did not happen that any Turkmen, killed or insulted Arab or Kurd citizens for political reasons, in other words, Turkmen who flouted their intercourse did not grasp the rights of others even where they were able to do so.

Turkmen masses have joined into political movements which sponsor Iraqi citizenship in the first place and uphold the unity of home soil, Iraqi citizens, and solidarity among Iraqis.
What happened after the formation of the Kirkuk Governorate exactly four years ago (this month from 2003): armed factions supported by occupation forces took the control of Kirkuk city, this made the Turkmen people and their city living again similar tragedy could even be more assertive and oppressive than what Turkmen people suffered during the rule of the former dictatorship.

Unfair Elections with overt bias of the American administration produced the following results:
Governor, President of the Council, Vice president of the Council, Mayor, Pro-governor, Vice Governor, Municipals Manager, Municipal Manager, director of the municipal water, director of the municipal sewer, police chief Director, Intelligence director, Security Commander, Army Commander, director of the Civil Defense, traffic Director, University President, Director of Agriculture Department, director of the Religion Affairs etc. under the control of the two main Kurdish parties (PUK, KDP).

The issue of Kirkuk is intractably held in Iraqi politics for more than 50 years; as successive governments pursued a chauvinistic fruit common to change the demography of Kirkuk governorate in favor of a certain nationality and still these attempts are in one way or another after the fall of the previous regime, has become the reality of Kirkuk as a result of too many immigrants and the collapse of the security situation and economic collapse completely.

The Turkmen people still exposed to all levels of intimidation and repression policies to force them to leave this city, where all Turkmen businessmen, physicians and Turkmen political officials have been threatened.

Turkmen youth are subjected to indiscriminate arrests by militias belonging to the two Kurdish parties (PUK, KDP).

The American administration in Kirkuk (Consulate and the army) did not take any clear stand against the two Kurdish parties attitude in Kirkuk, but there is a clear harmony between the American Administration and Kurdish parties regarding the future of the city, so we as Turkmen people and as Turkmeneli Party, confirm what we have previously said; that the only solution to Kirkuk city's issue is to be a special territory and under the supervision of the UN Security Council, the United Nations and cancels the referendum planned for the end of 2007

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