jeudi 2 août 2007


Barzani talks of 'claiming', 'regaining' and of 'not relinquishing or bargaining over' KERKÜK!!!

Day after day Barzani is showing more and more arrogance and chauvinism and his militia, the peshmerga are terrorizing and killing the unarmed Turkmens in the North of Iraq with the blessing of the US occupation forces, while the US-appointed Iraqi government is uncapable or unwilling to provide protection to the vulnerable Turkmen community.

What historical proof can Barzani give that KERKÜK is a 'Kurdish city', to have the right to "claim" it?
NONE WHATSOEVER, for the simple fact that KERKÜK has NEVER BEEN KURDISH.

Until not so long ago the Kurds in Iraq lived exclusively in the mountains in the North of the country, they were herders and not city people.

I blame the western media, especially the Anglo-Saxon embedded journalists, for diffusing Kurdish propaganda and lies.

Barzani warns of 'civil war' over Kerkük
Thursday, August 2, 2007

The leader of Iraq's semi autonomous Kurdish administration warned Tuesday of a “real civil war” if the central government does not implement a constitutional clause on the future of Kerkük, the oil-rich city claimed by the Kurds.
“The Kurds will never relinquish or bargain over Kerkük, but we accepted to regain Kerkük through constitutional and legal methods, but if we despair of those constitutional and legal methods, then we will have the right to resort to other means,” Barzani warned.
“If clause 140 is not implemented, then there will be a real civil war,” Barzani said, promising to visit Baghdad shortly to discuss the matter with the central government.
Barzani told the television interviewer that Kurdish nationhood was a “reality” rather than a dream. “It's a legitimate right but it must be realized at the suitable time,” Barzani said of establishing a Kurdish nation.

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