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Denouncing anti-Islam hysteria

I want to share with you the letter I have just received from my friend Ms Astrid Essed, Human Rights Activitst in the Netherlands

She writes:

Subject : My warning about Dutch anti-Islam hysteria [the Quran remarks of Mr Wilders]

Dear Merry,

How are you? Hopefully, everything is just fine with you

I would like to draw your attention for the following

Undoubtedly you've learnt about the latest racist attack from the Dutch MP Mr Wilders, not only on Muslims [this ''Mister'' is pleading the ''ban on the Quran'', comparing this Holy Book, with Mein Kampf! See:

Also, he has waged a racist attack on refugees and asylum seekers, who are called by him ''liars and criminals''

Further, he is targeting his racist attacks against ''non-western foreigners'' [his choice of language], who are all ''criminals'' in his eyes

I see resemblances in his dangerous and hate-provoking policy [especially in this present Western anti-Islam hysteria] and the rise of anti-semitism in the Europe of the thirties of the former century

The disastrous consequences are notorious .

To warn about this danger, I have written underlying, which I have also forwarded to the Dutch and international press I would appreciate it very much, when you would be so friendly, to forward it in your great and impressive network

May justice and human rights are like a flowing river

Hoping to hear from you, again

In friendship


P/S See my underlying article:

Dear readers,

Undoubtedly you have learnt about the recent proposed ban on the Quran of the anti-muslim and anti-immigration Dutch MP Mr Wilders [chair of the so-called ''Party for Freedom'',], by which he has compared the for million Muslims Holy Book, with Adolf Hitlers ''Mein Kampf”

It is evident, that this reprehensible proposal is the final consequence of his views, which are based on racism and hate provocation

In an earlier article I have already made an analysis of his views

Moreover, with his Quran-remarks he has finally declared war on the fundamental and universal human rights

In his plea regarding the end to freedom of religion, also is embedded his association between the Islam in common and the ''Muslim terrorism'' in particular, of course ignoring the fact, that there are also radical Christian and Jewish political movements

Mr Wilders would not be Mr Wilders, if he didn't undertake also a direct racist attack on ''liars and criminals'' [The Wilders-version of refugees and asylum seekers, who have fled for war, persecution and economic misery] and ''criminal non-western foreigners [in the Wilders-concept, the main cause of Dutch criminality is lain in the presence of ''non-western'' foreigners]

Yet recently he called three suspects of a stabbing-crime, ''three animals of Carribean descent''

A The Dutch denial-politics

In the Netherlands, there are certain politicians and publicists, who think, that it is of no importance whatsoever, to pay any attention to the racist remarks of Mr Wilders, in general and to this last Quran-attack in particular, by which he also attacked foreigners and refugees.

I disagree with them

Not only, non-reaction is a blow into the face of thousands of muslims, refugees and foreigners, who are the socio-political scapegoats anyway, especially since 11-9-2001, also, contemporary history [see between 1933-1945] shows, that political denial of a racist and hate provoking agenda, can be fatal.

It makes no difference, that this is no just historical comparison, since at the case of Mr Wilders, there is, yet, no governmental consolidation of racism.

Fact remains, that Wilders has a considerable political support [1], which still can grow
An other dangerous aspect is, that his racist association of Muslims and foreigners with terrorism and criminality, and his proposed measures, like administrative detention [2] for terror suspects and a total migration-stop, are no longer a taboo [taboe]

A capitulation for his reprehensible ideas, also by the mainstream of the ruling politicians, is lethally dangerous

Therefore, resistance against his views and remarks is of the utmost importance

I have written [under C] the underlying Letter to the Editor, which has been sent to a number of Dutch and international papers

Also I inform you about my letter to Mr Wilders [under B], whom I also have sent a copy of my Editor-letter

However, at first I refer to the newsinformation regarding the Wilders-remarks about the Quran [under A]

At the end, I’ll give you the link to my earlier-written article about the views of Mr Wilders, which has been also published by the Belgian critical newsmedium, the Uitpers []

May the struggle against injustice continue

Kind regards

Astrid Essed

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

[1] By the last Dutch elections [november 2006] Mr Wilders came into parliament with 9 seats [from the total of 150]

[2] Administrative detention: A detention without charge and trial
This is illegal according International Law and has mostly applied by military dictatorships and authoritarian governments
Also countries like Israel and the USA [with a reference to the situation of the majority of the Guantanamo prisoners and many Iraqi and Afghan war-prisoners] are using this illegal detention-form

A - For the news message about the Wilders ban on the Quran, see:

B Letter to Mr Wilders

Dear Mr Wilders,

I want to draw your attention for the following:
Since your withdrawal from the parliamentary section of the Liberal Party [3], I've taken notice of your following political carreer

To my regret and based upon your political remarks, I learnt quickly, that your views are racist and hateprovoking regarding muslims, ''non-western'' foreigners and refugees and asylumseekers

With your recent anti-Quranremarks, in which you have been this Holy Book with ''Mein Kampf'', you have not only crossed a boundary [which is also the case], but also shown the extent of your views By this I sent to you my Letter to the Editor, about your views I think, that it is a question of common decency, to inform you on this way Further I sent to you an article about your views, which has been published in the aprilnumber of the critical Belgian newsmedium, the Uitpers []

I am very glad to hear, that already two Dutch lawyers have lodged a charge against your remarks against the Quran, which hopefully may lead to a judicial verdict As you'll undoubtedly know, under Dutch law, according to article 137, e and d, as well as insult of a population-group, as hateprovoking, are punishable

The maintainance of the fundamental Dutch human rights legislation, which is based on the international human rights treaties, is of the utmost importance

Negligence of those basic rights, which is your point of view, will lead to a non-democratic Dutch State I don't have to refer to the contemporary European history, to remind you of the consequences, in ultimo [4]

With polite regards

Astrid Essed

The Netherlands

[3] In september 2004, Mr Wilders withdrawed from the parliamentary section of the Liberal Party [The VVD, see], because of his view, that Turkey should be excluded, under all circumstances, from EU membership [so regardless improvements of the human rights situation, which is a condition for EU membership]


In ultimo: most extreme

C Letter to the Editor
Title: The Quran-ban of Mr Wilders is an act of war against the fundamental principles of human rights Letter to the Editor,

Dear Editor,

I've learnt with indignation about the political call of the Dutch Member of Parliament, Mr Wilders, regarding the ban on the Quran and his comparison of this Holy Book with ''Mein Kampf'', the autobiography of Adolf HitlerDirect cause was the reprehensible mistreatment of Mr Jami, chairman of the union of ex-muslims in the Netherlands However, in the first place this Wilders-proposal is a serious violation on the right to freedom of religion, which is embedded in the Dutch constitutionFurther he is demonizing and criminalizing the muslims in common and in the Netherlands, in particular Secondly, the Quran, as well as the Bible and Torah, are based on the God of Love and respect for all fellow human beings Although a minority of muslims is committing political violence, based on their interpretation of the Quran, this is also the case regarding the christians and Jews Notorious examples are the bomb-attacks by American christian-fundamentals on abortion-clinics and the committed violence of religious fanatical Jewish-Israeli settlers, regarding the occupied Palestinian civilian population [often based on certain chapters of the Old Testimony]

However, as the majority of christian-fundamentals and orthodox Jews, the majority of orthodox muslims are apolitic and peaceful, which has been confirmed by American anti-terror experts Thirdly Mr Wilders has a racist point of view, by referring, in general, to ''criminal muslims'', and also to ''criminal foreigners'' Recently, in connection of suspects of a stabbing-crime, he referred to ''three animals of Carribean descent''

It is clear, that Mr Wilders is as well provoking hatred, as racism.Therefore, his views are a serious treath to the principles of the Dutch democracy Astrid Essed Amsterdam

D Reference to my article about Mr Wilders in the april number of the Uitpers []

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