dimanche 26 avril 2009

Turkish President Says Obama Should Also See Turkish Pains of 1915

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that the US President Obama should have shared the 1915 Turkish agonies as well in his 24 April Armenian message."Hundred thousand of Turkish and Muslims died in 1915. All who lost their lives should be remembered and all sides' pain should be remembered" Turkish President added.

Turkish President Gul further said that there are many parts in Obama's speech which he does not share: "There are many parts in the speech that it is impossible to agree with. The pain of all victims of 1915 events should be remembered. Politicians and statesmen cannot decide on history events."Abdullah Gul said "now we should look at the future. We should allow diplomacy. All the efforts made till now are for the good for the entire region. I am happy with that all the regional states support these efforts."

More than 520.000 Muslim Ottoman civilian citizens were massacred by the armed Armenian ultra-nationalists in 1915 in order to establish an independent Armenian state over Ottoman territories. Armenians with Russians occupied a huge part of Anatolia for a while. Armenians name 1915 Riot and Istanbul Government's Relocation Policy as genocide.

Turkey has never accepted the accusation and blamed the Armenian seperatism for the communal clashes between both sides.


Dr. Nilgun Gulcan, Turkish political scientist argued "Obama's speech is full of Armenian arguments". "He is champion of the Armenian thesis: He is not a moderator between two sides. He openly supports Armenians. His speech is full of mistakes and Armenian accusations" she added.

Similarly Dr. Sedat laciner, head of the Ankara-based International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) claimed Obama's pro-Armenian approach will undermine Turkish-American partnership. He also said "Obama's pro-Armenian stance in Caucasus is not rational and does not help American interests. Armenia is in the Russian camp while Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan are pro-Western countries. US' insistence of pro-Armenian policies in the Caucasus harms pro-Western Caucasus alliance".

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USAK is the leading Ankara based Turkish think-tank.

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