lundi 11 juin 2012

Annual Report of UN Human Rights mentions the targeting of Turkmens in Iraq

The Annual Report of UN Human Rights to assist Iraq of the year 2011mentions the process of targeting Turkmens in Iraq

Due to the exceptional efforts made by the workers of human right office of Turkmen Front and the positive

contribution of the officials of the Front branches and offices in the governorates and all regions of Turkmen

Elli, through their follow up of the infringements files of Turkmens in all Turkmen areas. In addition to

participation of the active to defend Kirkuk and the continuous coordination with UN offices in Iraq, the

rights of Turkmen inside and outside, the UN delegate to assist Iraq listed the subject of targeting Turkmens in number of paragraphs of its annual report of the year 2011, issued on 20th of May 2012.

The process of listing Turkmen targeting in the annual report of UN delegate to assist Iraq for the first time in its work history is considered as an important achievement for Turkmens.

From another side, the active Turkmen and the head of Turkmen aspect edition, Ahmed Alhurmezi, send a letter to UN human rights and a copy UN Baghdad office requesting them to unite the name (Turkmen) in international reports that are written in English, especially in the last report of human rights in Iraq, three formulas were used in writing the name (Turkmen): Turkoman, Turkman and Turkmen) in the English copy.

He mentioned in his letter that the difference in writing the term Turkmen will lead to inaccuracies in the report and readers confusion who are interested in human rights cases, so he requested to write Turkmen in the formula used by Turkmens and that is 'Turkmen' for singular and 'Turkmens' for plural.

Published in Turkmen Aspect.

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