samedi 16 juin 2012

Talabani’s threat of resignation

Iraqi Head of State Celal Talabani threatened to resign if the leaders who had united against Maliki continued to insist that Maliki leaves.

Iraqi President Celal Talabani warned that he would resign if the parties which had united against Prime Minister Nuri el-Maliki would continue to change their attitude towards Maliki.

According to the news provided by the Arab el-Hurra television channel, Talabani’s warning was issued in reply to a letter forwarded from Iraqi List Party Leader Eyad Allavi, Head of the Kurdish Region Mesut Barzani and leader of the Sadr Movement Mukteda es-Sadr.

According to allegations, the leaders demanded that Talabani instruct parliament to take action against Prime Minister Maliki who they define as a dictator.

The television channel which claims to hold a copy of the letter reports that Talabani demanded that the leaders stop aggravating and accusing him and threatened to resign if they continued to insist that he change his position regarding Maliki.

The reply Talabani gave to the leaders regarding their demand concerning Maliki was, ”the only way that I will ask Parliament to withdraw the vote of confidence from Maliki is if the National Union Alliance or Maliki is not in compliance with previous agreements and principles.”

Maliki had denied the former allegations made by Barzani, Sadr and Eyad Allavi claiming he was acting outside the law. In addition, the National Union Alliance had emphasized that their only candidate for the Prime Ministry was Maliki and called the other parties for negotiations.

Talabani repeated his desire for the parties to convene for negotiations by saying, “If the National Union Alliance and the Prime Minister do not comply with previous agreements I shall withdraw the vote of confidence without the need of acquiring signatures from the members of parliament”.

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