vendredi 15 juin 2012

Iraqi Turkmen Front: We have a positive project to resolve the problems of Kirkuk


Arshad Salhi, chairman of the Turkmen Front says they have prepared a positive project to resolve the problems of Kirkuk, which they will hand to the Iraqi representatives in the Iraqi Parliament.

Arshad Salhi who is also an Iraqi MP said, "We have a special project consisting of 10 points which we will hand to the Iraqi Parliament after the weekend.”

He added, "Our project considers all the differences which have halted the elections in Kirkuk, and that's why we think it's a positive project to resolve the problems,” Salhi said.

The chairman of Turkmen Front believes the current projects prepared by Arabs and Kurds are ‘not realistic' and do not solve the problems. "The Kurdish project is oriented in a way where Kurds take the position of governor again, which has a political motive.”

Salhi also criticizes the project prepared by the Arabs, saying that "There are some contradictions in the project, for example they ask for provincial elections with the Kurdistan Region's elections which are unacceptable.”

Salhi says they do not have serious conditions on elections, "We should solve negativities, and fix post-2003 changes, and then we can agree on elections.”

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