mardi 26 juin 2012

ITF EU Representative Dr. Hassan Aydinli attended the farewell reception for the Consul General of Turkey Mr. Mehmet Poroy in Brussels

H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Belgium Ismail Hakki Musa and Mrs. Tülay Musa
Consul General of Turkey Mr. Mehmet Poroy and Mrs. Ayşegül Poroy 

invited Dr. Hassan Aydinli, ITF EU Representative and Mrs.Merry Fitzgerald, Europe-Turkmen Friendships

to attend a farewell reception on 25th June 2012 at the Yunus Emre Cultural Centre in Brussels on the occasion of mission completion of Consul General Mr. Mehmet Poroy and Mrs. Ayşegül Poroy 


Consul General Mr. Mehmet Poroy and Mrs. Ayşegül Poroy;  H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Tülay Musa

 Dr. Bahadir KALEAGASI, International Coordinator and EU Representative TÜSIAD 
Mr. Emir KIR,  Minister and Secretary of State for BRUSSELS-CAPITAL Region
Dr. Hassan Aydinli, IRAQI TURKMEN FRONT EU Representative 

Dr Hassan Aydinli with the Turkish Military representative to NATO and the Military Attaché at the Turkish Embassy in Brussels

The reception was attended by representatives of the Belgian government and by many representatives of foreign embassies in Brussels.

This was an opportunity for ITF EU representative to exchange views with several guests at the reception regarding the political process in Iraq in general and the situation of the Turkmens in particular.

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