samedi 9 juin 2012

Iraq Kirkuk students complain of delays in allowances distribution

Iraqi Kirkuk students are still waiting for the execution of governmental promises to dedicate 100 thousand dinars from Petrodollar allocations to every university student in the province.

Kirkuk students welcomed, in the beginning of the year, Kirkuk local government resolution to dedicate 100 thousand dinars to every student, these same students wonder presently if this promise will ever be fulfilled.

“They registered our names, a year ago, to grant us these allowances that could help students with transportation expenses at least,” a student said adding that some are quitting universities because they cannot afford such expenses.

Kirkuk University presidency declared it is not responsible for delays while Kirkuk provincial council blamed operations routines.

“More than 10 thousand students registered their names for allowances and a special committee was formed for distribution purposes,” Abbas Hassan, assistant of Kirkuk University President, advanced.“Students have no reasons to be worried, we will be distributing retroactive allowances,” Head of Kirkuk provincial council Hassan Turan said.

This is the first initiative of its kind in Iraq which according to students might remain unexecuted referring to different unachieved promises so far.

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