vendredi 9 mai 2008

U.S. wants to build 'paradise' amid the burning hell it ignited in Iraq

Fatih Abdulsalam, Azzaman
May 9, 2008

The United States has leaked what can only exist in the imagination of science fiction writers. It wants to turn its fortress in Baghdad called the Green Zone into a shiny, tourist village with a 'dream list’ of attractions.

This 'science fiction’ mentality has been there in the minds of the architects of the Iraq invasion in the U.S., both military and civil leaders.The U.S. still dreams of transforming its Green Zone, the symbol of its dreadful and horrific military and security machine that has imploded a whole nation into a 'tourist village.’

The zone is seen in Iraq as a symbol center of terror and oppression. It is dislocated from its surroundings. It is a world the U.S. has created for itself and ringed it with blast walls and concrete bocks.

It is already a very beautiful place for its reclusive inhabitants who even lack the courage to drive to the airport and are mostly airlifted there.

Iraqis resisting U.S. occupation and its lackeys target the zone almost on a daily basis hoping to force their occupiers to leave.

Iraqis do not expect positive things from the U.S. They have already seen what its troops and policies have done to their capital and the rest of their country.

The thought of constructing a fascinating village around its $700 million embassy intensifies their rancor and indignation at what U.S. policy makers have done to their country.

The U.S. has dismembered Baghdad through the concrete barriers it has built to separate its neighborhoods.

The U.S. wants to build a 'dream village’ in Baghdad at a time its bombers are being deployed to strafe the streets and densely populated areas.

The engineers and the architects the U.S. will hire to design and build this village will need to pay more attention to watch towers, electronic fences and war gadgets on how to protect it.
U.S.’s dream village is a plan to set up a paradise in hell.

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