mardi 8 juillet 2008

Crimes of the Century: Occupation & Contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium

Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi - Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering, Iraq - Brussels Tribunal

Iraq, 15 June 2008.


1.0 Introduction

After thirteen years of the devastation of an entire country through the implementation of the criminal economic sanctions that were imposed by the United States of America and the United Nations on Iraq, the US administration decided to invade Iraq.

Gulf War I and the destruction of Iraq’s economy, education, health care system,and society through the continuous bombing and attacks of the illegal No Fly Zones, were all part of the plan to invade Iraq and take over one of the richest oil reserve countries in the Middle East region. Pirating Iraq’s wealth is an advanced step to control and manipulate global economy.

New generations of conventional and banned weapons were used in the invasion of Iraq military operations from March 19th – April 9th of 2003...

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