jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Iraq's Provincial Elections: KRG's new evil tactics against non-Kurdish communities in the North of Iraq

The following is an Appeal from the Yezidi Community-Canada

Dear Members of International Communities, colleagues and friends,

These are the KRG's new developments against the innocent Yezidis of Iraq and in Nineveh Plain in Particular. The Iraq's provincial elections are very important for the minorities in Iraq, which could give them the opportunity to have their voices in the Iraqi governments. But unfortunately the KRG's new evil tactics are preventing any developments forward in the minorities' regions and Kirkuk and Nineveh Plain in particulars. And it is very clear that the Iraqi government is unable to protect the Iraq's minorities, such as Yezidis, Chaldo-Assyrians, Mandaens, Turkmens and Shabaks.

As a minority, we urgently call upon the US, UK, EU, UN Officials and NGOs International Communities to take an immediate steps and right measures towards these injustices and atrocities by KRG against the minority groups in Iraq, and also free Nineveh Plain from KRG's militias ( terrorists). Therefore, the minority groups could live in peace and freedom and select their desired representatives of choice.

These are some of the current incidents we report includes:

1- KRG militias threatening the Yezidis people of Sinjar if they don't vote for Kurdish list, there will be no compensation payment to those Yezidis who were relocated into collective villages in 1975, which the Iraqi government agreed to give 10 millions Iraqi dinars to each family and which already has been given to small amount of the Yezidis in Sinjar regions about 6-8 months ago and the KRG left the rest of the money for its election campaign.

2- The KRG's threatening the Yezidis to cut the salaries of the families of the martyrs, if they don't vote for KRGs.

3- KRG's militias are threatening the Yezidis of Sinjar regions, that they cannot visit Kurdistan to work, visit doctors and hospitals in the KRG, if the Yezidis don't vote for Kurdish list.

4- The KRG's militias' circulation of polling stations already started.

5- The KRG's militias post their political campaign posters at all check points in the Yezidis' regions in Sinjar, and warn the Yezidis to keep quiet.

6- The KRG's using Iraqi army vehicles and Iraqi soldiers of Kurdish origin for the election campaign to frighten the Yezidis and the Kurdish militias to paste their posters on these military vehicles.

7- Cowardly criminal act of KDP's militias and those affiliated to the party attacked the family of Amin Farhan Jejjo (Member of Parliament and head of Yezidis Movement for Reform and Progress) and is known for his patriotism and dedication to the noble service of Iraq and the Iraqis and to fight for the process of injustices against the Yezidis and the division of Iraq.

It seems that this attack came after the submission of a traffic video cameraman to the Independent Electoral Commission of the Office of Nineveh, one of the electoral irregularities of Barzani is to use of the army in the electoral propaganda and intimidation of the people to win the electoral votes.

Here, we call upon US, UK, EU Officials, all International Communities around the world and all honest Iraqis to condemn these cowardly act by Kurdish militias' occupied regions, which can obscure the true voice of the Iraqi citizen to express his/her opinion in the selection of representatives.

Best Regards,

Mirza Ismail
London Yezidis Community-Canada
P.O.Box 39045
London,ON NY5L51

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