mardi 27 janvier 2009

Pro-Kurdish Block Accused of Buying Assyrian Votes in Upcoming Iraqi Election

GMT 1-27-2009 1:38:20
Assyrian International News Agency

North Iraq (AINA) -- A member of Iraq's parliament, Mr Ablahad Afram, accused on Sunday the pro-Kurdish Ishtar list of buying Assyrian votes in the upcoming provincial elections, reported Baghdad Times. Afram accused the Ishtar list, which is competing with two other lists for the only Assyrian seat in the Nineveh province, of using aid as a means to force people to vote for them.

"The groups behind the Ishtar list warn people that if they attend political rallies of other parties or if they vote for other parties they will lose the food aid which the Ishtar list groups are providing," said Ablahad Afram. "The aid sent to the Assyrians by Western churches and humanitarian organizations is used by some as if it was their own aid."

The Iraqi MP said he has detailed proof of the misuse of aid in the election campaign intends on filing an official complaint with the Iraqi Election Committee.

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