mercredi 21 janvier 2009

The Plight of Iraqi Women - Scenes from the Streets of Kerkuk

These are scenes from the streets of OIL-RICH KERKUK !!!

These photos were taken a week ago
by Iraqi photographer Mr. Mohammed Kelenchy

" Iraqi woman with child, begging in Kerkuk"
Photo: Mohammed Kelenchy

Mr. Kelenchy: "it's a common scene in today's Iraq"

"A lady covered in black (hiding her face in shame to be known)
selling matches to survive or to support her children in Kerkuk".
Photo: Mohammed Kelenchy

"Old lady begging and counting her collection"
in Kerkuk
Photo: Mohammed Kelenchy

The War Against Iraqi Women - British Speaking Tour!
Hanaa Ibrahim founder of Women’s Will Association, an Iraqi women's organisation, which is based in both Iraq and Syria, and editor of Minds, a monthly women publication, will be on a one off speaking tour of London

Between 21st January and 15th February 2009

Visit Iraqi Women’s will website for details:
Ms.Hanaa Ibrahim who continues to work in Iraq despite all threats, will present a first hand testimony on the plight of Iraqi women under occupation. Despite the destruction, violence and human rights abuses that Iraqi women face on a daily basis, Hanaa will tell us about their acts of courage and various levels of resistance despite the hardships personal threats they are facing.

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