dimanche 18 janvier 2009


Turkmens continue to be targeted, intimidated, arrested and tortured by Kurdish Asayish.

The Asayish continue to commit exactions in TOTAL IMPUNITY.

The following are recent examples of their exactions against Turkmens in Kerkuk:

18 year old Muhanned Naj Aldeen was arbitrarily arrested by the Kurdish Asayish who imprisoned him for several months. They tortured him and released him after cutting off one of his ears. We have just learned that he has been re-arrested by the Asayish a while ago.

Three days ago Mr.Fadhil Ghareeb’s house in Korya was attacked by bombs. This incident has been reported on Turkmeneli TV.

Two days ago Kurdish men opened fire toward Nadjet Kocak Iraqi Turkmen Front Bureau where young Turkmens were holding a meeting, luckily no one was hurt. The Kurdish terrorists were arrested for a short period of time, they pretended that they were drunk and have been released without charges!!!

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