mardi 29 novembre 2011

Azerbaijani MP meets leaders of Iraqi Turkmen Front

Azerbaijani MP meets leaders of Iraqi Turkmen Front

Tue 29 November 2011 14:37 GMT
15:37 Local Time

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Ganira Pashayeva

A bomb attack has been carried out in the home of Spokesperson for Iraqi Turkmen Front Ali Mehdi.

It was announced by Azerbaijani MP Ganira Pashayeva who is on a visit to Iraq.

Three separate explosives placed in front of Mehdi’s house in the Tisin area of Kirkuk exploded in sequence.

The explosion has claimed one life and injured 19 people. The neighboring buildings have also suffered damage. Ali Mehdi survived the explosion, the MP said.

Pashayeva met with Iraqi MPs of Turkish origin Zhala Yunus Neftchi and leadership of the Iraqi Turkmen Front today.

An explosion also occurred near the hotel where the Azerbaijani MP stayed.

She added that the explosion occurred near the hotel she stayed and building of the Iraqi parliament.

The explosion injured six and killed one.

There is also an MP among the injured, Pashayeva noted.

Pashayeva said they are accompanied by military vehicles and bodyguards wherever they go after the explosion took place.

“The Parliament and Rashid Hotel operate under a tight security. But the explosion showed that there is no safer place here.”

Pashayeva will attend an international conference in Baghdad, hold a number meetings here and visit Najaf, Karbala, Kufa, Kazimeyn and Kirkuk.


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