dimanche 20 novembre 2011

Iraqi Turkmen Front Meets to Discuss Intense Agenda

KIRKUK (Cihan) - The Iraqi Turkmen Front or ITF met in Kirkuk, Iraq with the agenda of discussing the removal of American soldiers from Iraq and cases of kidnap and murder of the ethnic Turkmen community.

ITF President Ersad Salihi feels that American forces leaving Iraq will create more tensions in Iraq as Iraqi Turkmen feel more in the crosshairs of opposing groups without sufficient support from the central government.

President Salihi also said that “Although we have been trying to draw heed to kidnappings and murders of the members of Turkmen community alas neither Iraq government nor parliament responded to our inquiries.”

“We have sent a written statement today in this matter to the Iraq president asked for an immediate and effective action” Salihi added.

Talking about the issues the community is facing, Salihi noted that “Iraqi Turkmen community’s safety is in danger”


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