mardi 29 novembre 2011

Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ received ITF Turkey Representative Kazancı

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Bekir Bozdağ received ITF Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı in his office. The message of the meeting was that Turkey was a constant supporter of the Turkmen.

At the meeting which took place in the offices of Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ Dr.Kazancı said that two important issues which were of interest to the Turkmen had taken place recently in Iraq. Hicran Kazancı underlined that these issues were the federal debates and particularly emphasized the matter of security. Kazancı said, "As you are aware, the US troops are beginning to withdraw and during this process attacks on Turkmen have increased. Particularly terror groups who are irritated by proper procedures have escalated their attacks and the Iraqi Turkmen Front has become a serious target. "

Hicran Kazancı underlined that regarding the federal debate the Iraqi Turkmen Front has adopted and executed a policy which favors the unity and integrity of Iraq and said, "We oppose placing the federal debate on an ethnic sect basis. If a federal system is being considered then the system must consist of more than three zones because a three zone system may lead to division. "

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ emphasized that Turkey would always side with the Turkmen. Deputy Prime Minister Bozdağ said, "Turkey supports unity and integrity in Iraq. Peace, stability and political unity in Iraq are important for us. As Turkey, we will continue to support these issues. "

Dr. Hicran Kazancı

Iraqi Turkmen Front

Turkey Representative

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