mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Turkmen Call For New Provinces

Iraq Attacks Kill Four As Turkmen Call For New Provinces
Monday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
by , November 14, 2011
Iraq’s Turkmen are now wading in to the growing "regions" fray, calling on the central government to create two new provinces in northern Iraq and give them regional status. The districts in question are Tuz Khormato in Salah ad Din province and Tal Afar in Ninewa. A Turkmen representative in the National Alliance, Fawzi, Akram Tarzi, said those areas had suffered from injustice and lack of services in the past. He is also confident that giving the multi-ethnic districts a new status would not undermine national unity. Parliament Speaker Usama Nujaifi supported Tarzi’s statement by separately adding that the constitution permits such regions.

Recently, Salah ad Din province, where Tuz Khormato is located, started its own bid to reclassify itself as an autonomous region, much in the style of Iraqi Kurdistan. The bid is in response to the arrests of Sunni Arabs under the guise of a Ba’ath Party crackdown. They were followed by Diyala province. Basra and other southern provinces have long been pursuing similar paths as well.

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