samedi 26 novembre 2011

The Turkmen have an important role in Iraq

Jeffrey: The Turkmen have an important role in Iraq

Turkmen Members of Parliament discussed the situation foreseen in Iraq after the US forces withdraw as well as the systematic targeting of Turkmen not only in Kirkuk but also in other regions with USA Ambassador to Iraq his Excellency James Jeffrey. Ambassador Jeffrey received the Turkmen MPs in his Baghdad office and said that the Turkmen had an important role in the political efforts in Iraq.

At the meeting the situation after the US troops was discussed and in addition it was specified that the targeting of Turkmen had reached serious proportions which threatened the security of Kirkuk and the necessity for finding a final solution to this issue was emphasized. The Turkmen MPs presented a consensus on all debated issues.

Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front and Member of Parliament Erşat Salihi stated that Ambassador Jeffrey had underlined the role of Turkmen on the political stage of Iraq. The meeting was attended by Head of ITF and MP Erşat Salihi and MPs Abbas Bayatlı, Hasan Özmen Bayatlı, Jale Neftçi, Müdrike Hasan and Hasan Vehap.

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