samedi 19 janvier 2008

AMSI: Iraqi Government cannot take decisions on behalf of Iraqis

Friday, 18 January 2008

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) made a press statement sharing its views on the recent statements by the American and current government about the existence and remaining of American occupation forces in Iraq.

HEYET Net - The current Iraqi government declared that Iraq needs American occupation forces to stay in Iraq for ten more years.

Current Iraqi Foreign Minister stated once that Iraq is heading for vital negotiations concerning long term agreements with the Americans. The American president following the statement said that keeping his forces in Iraq for another ten years is possible. Again, current Iraqi Defense Minister following both statements said that Iraq needs American forces to stay for another ten years and current Iraqi forces can not keep its borders until 2018 nor defend itself against any external aggression before 2020.

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) condemns such statements that coincided with each other in a way that made it look 'precooked', and declares the following:

1. To keep foreign forces on any country's land could not be a decision of sovereignty because it affects the national security of the country. When the forces means to stay in a place who are already involved in occupying the country, destroying its infrastructure as well as killing and evicting hundreds of thousands of its citizens, taking such decision is considered suicide that no sane man or another with interest would commit. If we add that the current government was basically made by the occupation and one of the fruits of its political projects in the country. Then a decision taken by that government in that direction will have no legitimacy what so ever. It will not oblige Iraqi people to respect it or commit to its conditions.

2. The reason why current army failed to achieve peace in the country is that it was built on wrong basis and was led by unqualified leaders as well as recruiting individuals who belong to ethnic and sectarian militias. That awkward disease could not be treated by keeping the occupying forces, that formed it to be so weak and humiliated, even if they stayed for decades, not only ten years. To grant approval for those forces to stay for ten years resembles hammering cold iron. It only serves the American occupation forces in Iraq and the region. Furthermore, it is rather expected that keeping those forces for long periods of time would enlarge the crisis in Iraq and imply further complications.

3. The best treatment for the security situation in Iraq is in the departure of occupation forces and rebuilding the Iraqi army on professional basis which should be away from ethnic and sectarian portions so that loyalty is only for Iraq, the mother country that owns a high credit of efficiency in its qualified sons who could achieve that step in a standard period of time so that there will be no need for foreign forces on its land.

4. People of Iraq chose to resist against the occupation and will maintain that choice as long as there is a single occupation soldier on Iraqi land. The involvement of current officials in signing such agreements is playing with fire that will only increase the determination and insistence of Iraqis to extinguish it.


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