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Iraqi Oil Revenues for Iraqi Refugees - UPDATE


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Iraqi oil revenues for Iraqi refugees, update

Dear endorsers,

Whether your reasons for endorsing our initiative "Iraqi oil revenues for Iraqi refugees" are humanitarian, political, legal or even personal, it proves that you understood well our proposal as the solution to end the suffering of Iraqi refugees and displaced. You give us hope and courage. Thanks to your support we are now conscious that this just and necessary initiative has an important potential, which if well coordinated can serve the cause of the Iraqi people.

Our proposal is concrete, unitary and impersonal. As the signatories show, it is supported by all currents among Iraqi refugees. Until there are official representative councils of refugees in each country, we should try to be present wherever the issue of Iraqi refugees is discussed or decisions concerning their plight taken, in order to present our comprehensive proposal and get it adopted there. To achieve this, we need the help and the influence of each of you.

Hana Al Bayaty drafted an article "Oil for Iraqi citizens", which develops further the concepts and angles of argument at the core of the initiative. We hope it will help all in articulating the defense of the proposal:

4/5th of the Iraqi displaced population are women and children, themselves victims and families of the victims of the crimes committed by the occupation and its allies. Dr Souad N. Al Azzawi carried out a scientific study on the living conditions of Iraqi women under occupation. The collected data proves the appalling deterioration of their rights and their extreme vulnerability as a direct result of the US occupation. The research was 1st published by the BRussells Tribunal. The present version is an update:


In his article "Mirage of improvement in Iraq", the independent journalist Dahr Jamail, studied different sources addressing the situation faced by the Iraqi people. He concluded that elementary arithmetic indicates that currently over half the population of Iraq are either refugees, in need of emergency aid, wounded, or dead:

The propaganda used by the occupation and its government obliges us to redouble our efforts and continue the struggle to defend the legitimate and legal rights of Iraq and of its displaced people. We have a lot of ideas on how to develop this campaign and how to implement the proposal itself, but we are certain you have more. Please inform us and make suggestions. We are but coordinators of your actions. We hope you can be our speakers to get the proposal adopted wherever you are and to inform us of your various achievements. We believe that all actions in favour of suffering Iraqis should be encouraged, but only implementing our proposal: "Iraqi oil revenues for Iraqi refugees", would be a decisive remedy.

Already, on December 11th 2007, a team of eminent lawyers, including Curtis Doebbler, Naji Harraj, and Elias Khouri have presented the proposal at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. They informed us that they will attend the next meeting in March and defend it there. Details of their initial presentation at the 6th Session of the Council can be found here:


If your organization endorses our proposal, please let us know, so we can add it to the list. It would add moral weight and credibility to all our efforts.

Eminent lawyers endorsed the proposal. Please, if you are a lawyer let us know, in order to add you to our consultative list of jurists.

We hope many endorsers take initiative locally and according to their respective specialities, skills, organizations and contacts and let us know the development of their own efforts. Springs joining together make a big river.

Knowing the importance of artists in diffusing messages of solidarity and justice we began a section on our website where we will present works of artists in solidarity with Iraqis. Please send us relevant material to publish:


Recent reports on the plight of displaced Iraqis can be found at the following links:
Amnesty International report: Millions in flight: the Iraqi refugee crisis:


Unicef report on education: Little respite for Iraq’s children in 2007:

UNHCR latest reports on Iraqi refugees and returnees:

Article on the plight of displaced Iraqi minorities: U.S. withdrawal debate ignores Iraq refugee crisis:

Please accept our best wishes for this new year,

We hope, together, coordinated and organized, is enough to pressure and achieve justice for the millions of displaced Iraqis.


hana al bayaty - coordinator
Iraqi International Initiative on refugees http://www.blogger.com/www.3iii.org

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