lundi 21 janvier 2008

Ansar Al Islam statement on the Kurds and the Islamic Party alliance

One of the points mentioned in Michael Rubin’s article was the relation between the Kurdish warlords and Ansar Al Sunna [for some unknown reason the changed their name to Ansar Al Islam few days ago].

Read it under “Rationalizing Kurdish Behavior”:

At the beginning of the Iraqi insurgency in April 2004, Iraqi Kurdistan became a transit point for Ansar al-Sunna: its members entered Iraqi Kurdistan from Iran and received safe passage to Mosul in exchange for an agreement not to conduct operations in the three northern governorates—and perhaps payment as well.

True or not but as far as I know the group is very active in Mosul, but coincidently Ansar Al Islam released a statement today revealing the real agreement between Kurdish parties and the Islamic Party led by Al Hashimi.

[images of the statement 1, 2].

The agreement between Al Hashimi in one side and Barzani, Jalal [Talabani] on the other side is the following:

1. Al Hashimi as representative of the Sunni Arabs to give Kirkuk, two-thirds of Mosul, and the eastern province of Diyala to the Kurdish parties, and recognizes that these areas are under the influence and presence of the Kurdish parties.

2. Full and complete cooperation between the Islamic Party and the secular Kurdish parties to eliminate jihad in Mosul, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and Diyala.

To put the first point in practice, the Kurdish parties start transfer military units to areas which they do not have a presence there like Diyala, and intensified their presence in areas under their influence.

For the second point the Islamic Party activates Awakening councils to eliminate Al-Qaeda, but the fact of the matter is; the declaration of war on the jihad and the mujahideen.

However, this conspiracy plan came after an indication from the White House to change the political equation of the Iraqi situation, for these reasons:

1. Shiites revolt against their masters and turned against their agreement with the American allies after the emergence of new public Iraq – Iran alliance calls to join the Iranian state.
2. Switch the roles to improve the American image and turn the page of the suffering, alienation and marginalization the Sunnis and associate these acts with the Iraqi Shiite government.
3. Composing a new front of the Kurdish parties and the Islamic Party as Sunnis representatives to pressure the Shiites and the Iranian government.

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