vendredi 20 juin 2008

Behind the new wave of assassinations in Mosul

Published by : Roads to Iraq

June 18, 2008A new wave of assassinations in Mosul. According Al-Fatehoon, a new initiative from the Talabani, Barzani and Abdu Al-Aziz Al-Hakim to dominate the upcoming provincial election in Mosul. A secret meeting took place negotiates the new developments after the Maliki’s "Lion Roar".

The meeting discussed the gathering of intelligence about Iraqi army movements, and a security group is formed with the task of assassination of the Kurdish parties oppositions in the city, especially the Islamic Party members.

The two interesting points about this are:
- Most wanted because of his connection to the fake Al-Qaeda attacks and assassinations in Mosul, Kurdish governor’s deputy Khosro Curran is one of the attendees to the meeting.
- Al-Hakim is going to use a small Shiite Shabak minority [traced back to the sixteenth century], to host Badr Brigades members and the Iranian intelligence members.

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