jeudi 5 juin 2008


TURKMENELI TV - The issue of provincial council elections in Iraq generally and in Kirkuk especially is still leading the agenda of Turkmen officials and politicians.
The Iraqi Turkmen coordination commission which was established to concern on the coming elections had had its third around meeting to discuss the elections mechanisms and Turkmen participation in this election.

The Turkmen coordination commission members had concerns of the proposals presented to chairmanship of Iraqi house representing from one hundred twenty seven members
Half of Iraqi parliament members support giving Kirkuk governorate special statue in the elections.

The suggestion says that multi ethnic mixed city of Kirkuk to be divided in to 4 polling centers organized according to ethnical strong holds as 32% for Turkmens / Arabs / Kurds and 4% for Childo Assyrians . In third of last may More than 20 diplomatic officials represent the most powerful and legitimate Turkmen movements had came together in Baghdad and decided to contest the next local elections in much different shape.

The meeting led to announce the formation of Turkmen coordination commission which is going to take the responsibility of conducting the elections mechanism and engaging the coordination with the high elections commissions and other Iraqi blocs that are going to take part in the elections.

This step came as procedures to prevent forgery and violations are expected to redone in the electoral process.

The Turkmen coordination commission had involved the Turkmen parties that are so active in Turkmen political arena. The commission also was involved by Turkmen lawmakers in the house representing.

The Unification of Turkmen message and project for all Turkmen political groups was announced in Baghdad to discuss the Kirkuk Issue and formulate a convention for co-operation
About 50 Turkmen politicians from different ideologues are invited: from the Iraqi cabinet, the Iraqi parliament, the Turkmen cities councils, the political parties, the civil society organizations, the writers and the intellectuals.

Fewer than four headings the Turkmen organizations are going to discuss the article 140 and the suggested Turkmen solutions for Kirkuk problem to prepare a common convention and work plan accordingly. The Kirkuk convention is going to institute the bases for the activities of all the Iraqi Turkmen organizations to find a peaceful solution for Kirkuk problem.

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