samedi 14 juin 2008

Remember! Remember!

Hussein Al-alak, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign

So have you decided whose side your on, when asked in the article Action for Iraqi children if you are with us or against us? When in knowledge of the fact that 1.5 million children died under the US/UK backed UN Sanctions, the “cabinet of war criminals”, have further destroyed the lives of millions of Iraq’s young, through "the supreme international crime", which was and still remains the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Dare you ask how many children have vanished since that day, when the invasion was launched in 2003, as a consequence of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. When those now dead British soldiers were mobilised for the American’s false claims about Saddam Hussain working in collaboration with Osama Bin Laden.

Have you ever enquired about what has happened to the estimated 4.5 million orphaned Iraqi children, or the estimated 500,000 homeless orphans, whose only guardians are the watchful eyes of the stars, who look down upon them from a darkened sky.

Are you so frightened of being alone in Britain, that the bogey man under your bed, is no longer the mockery of your own imagination but just one of 513 Iraqi children, who the USA no longer view as being human beings but "imperative threats to security“, that having survived the IRA and the Lockerbie, that the unelected “Prime Minister” Gordon Brown, wants to lock every “suspected terrorist” up for 42 days without charge.

But as the unelected Gordon Brown barricades every Government department behind concrete walls, as a result of Labours fear of the British public, a December 2007 UNICEF report stated that 2.2 million Iraqi children lack adequate nutrition and an estimated 75,000 children are living in tents because of displacement caused by the war.

The UN has also reported that 80% of Iraqi families can't separate sewage water from water used for other household needs and that 70% lack access to potable water but as Britain combats terrorism, the campaign of fear is used solely to distract attention away from the 400,000 Iraqi children who are suffering from "wasting", which is characterized by chronic diarrhoea and high deficiencies of protein.

Are you convinced that your government is right and how does it feel to watch the “Mother of Parliaments” being degenerated beyond recognition, that it no longer represents the interests of either the people of Great Britain or even the façade of the beliefs it claims to uphold.

How does it feel to know, that when your troops came rolling into Iraq and mission was proclaimed “accomplished“, in 2003-4, 22,000 British people over the age of 65 died as a result of the cold and how does it feel to know that the hunt for imaginary weapons and chasing “terror suspects“, has resulted with "2.2 million British pensioners living below the poverty line”.

And with a shocking 3.9 million UK children living in poverty, in the year 2006/07, which is an increase of 100,000 on the previous year and the dismal Labour “forty year low” in the May elections, is it any wonder why any government would want to detain its “terror suspects” and spread its values around the world.

So have you now decided whose side your on? Remember, remember the fifth of November , Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason, why the gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot!

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