samedi 14 juin 2008

Gunmen killed 2 Turkmen Sheikhs in Telafer city

TÜRKMENELİ TV – Reports that gunmen have attacked the Telafer Aga Council Members.

Their correspondent in Mosul city reported the assassination of Sheikh Mohamed Faisel the Chairman of Telafer Aga Council and Turkmen Council Member and the attack on his assistant Sheikh Abdulnur Tahan in the Mosul neighborhood last Monday.

Türkmeneli TV Corresondent said the assassination was carried out at midday in Alislah alzirahi district in Mosul. One of the sheikhs’ bodyguards was also killed in the attack.
Police forces had sealed off the crime scene and began investigations to find the killers. Several statements have been issued to condemn the attack against the Telafer Sheikhs.

The Iraqi Turkmen Council which is considered as Turkmen Parliament has strongly condemned the act in a statement issued by its Chairman.
The statement demanded Iraqi security forces to open an investigation to find the criminals.
The statement also urged the Turkmen people in Telafer to remain calm and not to give way to sectarian violence.
The statement said that this criminal act is an attempt to break Turkmen unity and principles of brotherhood.

The Iraqi Turkmen front has issued a statement in which it condemns the assassinations and declares that the attack targeted the unity of Turkmen people from north to south.

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