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Independent Commission on Turkey

Independent Commission on Turkey
7 September 2009

Turkey in Europe: Breaking the Vicious Circle, the second report of the Independent Commission on Turkey, analyzes the key developments in EU-Turkey relations and puts forward concrete steps necessary to revive negotiations.

The Independent Commission on Turkey is convinced of the huge benefits of Turkish convergence with Europe and an eventual EU membership of a transformed Turkey, both for the country itself and the European Union. Despite a promising start to negotiations in 2004, the process has developed a vicious circle: continued negative comments by European political leaders, combined with growing public hesitation about further EU enlargement, have deepened resentment in Turkey and slowed the necessary reforms.

The report argues that this vicious circle must urgently be broken, in the interest of both Turkey and the EU. European governments must honor their commitments and treat Turkey with fairness and the respect it deserves. On its side, Turkey has to re-engage in a dynamic, broad-based reform process, thus confirming that it is willing and serious in its ambition to join the EU.

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Download Turkey in Europe: Breaking the Vicious Circle (PDF, 826K)
The report is also available in the following languages:
French (PDF, 814K)
German (PDF, 825K)
Italian (PDF, 811K)

Spanish (PDF, 803K)

Members of the Independent Commission

Martti Ahtisaari
Former President of Finland

Anthony Giddens
Former Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science

Kurt Biedenkopf
Former Prime Minister of Saxony, Germany

Marcelino Oreja Aguirre
Former Foreign Minister of Spain, former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, former European Commissioner

Emma Bonino
Former European Commissioner, Member of the European Parliament

Michel Rocard
Former Prime Minister of France, Member of the European Parliament

Hans van den Broek
Former Foreign Minister of Netherlands, former European Commissioner

Albert Rohan
Former Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, Austria

Bronislaw Geremek (In Memoriam)
Former Foreign Minister of Poland, Member of the European Parliament

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