vendredi 4 septembre 2009

The Turkmen Reality in Iraq, by Erşat Hürmüzlü

ISBN 978-975-6849-11-8
Second edition: August 2009
Istanbul – 2009
Kerkük Vakfı
(Kerkuk Foundation)

(Introduction of Erşat Hürmüzlü’s book):
This book aims at two things, the first to prove the actual existence of the Turkmens in Iraq, and to reply to those who considered them extraneous to the Iraqi consciousness, by presenting solid evidence of their geographical and demographic existence; and to show their participation in Iraqi affairs and prove their inclusion in the Iraqi nation.

The second aim is to prove that racial and cultural diversity enrich Iraqi society and that all efforts must be directed towards serving a free, united, varied and democratic Iraq, where the rule of law and human rights and dignity are maintained.

The aspirations of civilized nations have proven that respect is not something you can earn by the number of people overpowered, or by thinking in terms of majorities and minorities. Rather, human dignity is a guaranteed right and must be respected at all times without discrimination.

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