vendredi 25 septembre 2009

The unarmed and unprotected Turkmen community continues to be targeted in northern Iraq.

Kurdish hegemony and expansionism in northern Iraq

The Turkmens continue to be victims of vicious attacks by Kurdish and Arab terrorist groups.

As the Iraqi local police and security forces have failed to stop these attacks, Turkmens have asked the Iraqi authorities in Baghdad to allow them to form their own local law enforcement units and to provide them with financial support and proper training.

The demands of the Turkmen political leaders are entirely legitimate and comprehensible as urgent measures need to be taken to stop the slaughtering of the peaceful Turkmen community.

Deux poids deux mesures

The Kurdish groups who invaded and occupied Turkmen cities and towns with their armed militias, the peshmerga (with the blessing of the US Occupier in 2003) are opposed to the Turkmens’ demands!!!

Do they fear that Turkmen law enforcement units could hamper their hegemonic ambitions in the north of Iraq by preventing the annexation of Turkmen cities and so-called ‘disputed territories’ to their autonomous region?

The Kurds’ arrogance, greed and hegemonic objectives have no limits:

Khalid Shwani, an Iraqi MP from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc has recently declared that
"the Turkmen demand to establish Special Forces in Kerkuk – that include only Turkmens – is useless, unpractical and unconstitutional" !!!!!!

While Sa’di Ahmad Bira, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) Political Bureau and its external relations officer has declared that “We have some outstanding issues with the Baghdad government that are not yet resolved. There are still negotiations around these issues. But it is wrong to think that we can protect our accomplishments only through the media, there should also be a military force such as the peshmerga able to protect the region’s borders and the achievements of the people of Kurdistan. We should be ready for all scenarios and even for any military solution”.

Where is the fairness and where are the principles of 'democracy’ that the chauvinist Kurds boast so much about?

As Northern Iraq’s second main ethnic community Turkmens should have their own protection units as it is clear that they cannot rely on the Iraqi forces (who are composed of peshmerga and Arabs) to ensure their safety.


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