mardi 8 septembre 2009

Iraqi Turkmen groups agree on joint action

Representatives of more than 20 Iraqi Turkmen groups who gathered in Ankara last week released a joint declaration on Sunday announcing that they have decided to maintain a joint strategy in order to better protect the interests of Iraqi Turkmens in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq, scheduled to take place in January.

Iraqi Turkmen representatives had gathered in the Turkish capital upon an invitation by Bilkent University Rector Ali Doğramacı, whose family's origin is Iraqi Turkmen. President Abdullah Gül last week hosted the representatives at an iftar (fast-breaking dinner) at the presidential palace.

“Participants at the meeting in Ankara decided to call on the Iraqi Turkmen society to participate in the elections more actively; to maintain more participation with other segments of Iraq; and to make contributions to the best way to represent their own identities,” the joint declaration said, announcing that they will establish a “joint coordination board” for determining plans and mechanisms of joint efforts by Iraqi Turkmens.

07 September 2009, Monday

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