lundi 11 juin 2007

Anne NIVAT interviewed Ali MEHDI in KERKÜK

French reporter and researcher Mrs. Anne Nivat who is currently in Iraq conducted a press conference with Mr. Ali Mehdi Vice-Chairman of Türkmeneli Party and member of the Kerkuk Governorate.

Mrs. Nivat and Mr. Ali Mehdi discussed a variety of topics concerning the Turkmens and Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution and the difficult conditions experienced by the Turkmen city of Tal Afer.

Mr. Mehdi explained the difficult circumstances prevailing in the governorate of Kerkuk, how the two main Kurdish parties (the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party) competed to share power in the province with the full support of the American civil and military authorities and how this ‘triangular alliance’ uses various means to terrorize and intimidate the Turkmen people.

According to Mr. Ali Mehdi a deliberate policy is going on in the entire Türkmeneli region to displace Turkmens, forcing them to leave their homes. He added that the Arab and Turkmen groups in the district still continue to boycott the Council's meetings. He said that the issue of Kerkuk is an international issue; the only solution is to adopt a common administration and to postpone the referendum for at least eight years.

Mr. Mehdi described the tense situation in Kerkuk as a situation where anything could happen at any time in the city. The U.S. have created an extremely explosive situation in Iraq and the Turkmens who are a peaceful and unarmed people will be the first victims. The main reason why the U.S. are ignoring the Turkmens’ views and political proposals is because the Turkmens do not possess any weapons.

Mr. Mehdi ended by saying that two Turkmen villages in the Tal Afer area had been completely destroyed ‘in front of the world’ and that as in the past these tragedies have regrettably been forgotten. Over the past three years Turkmen towns and villages have frequently been victims of such tragedies.
Iraq's neighbouring countries, with the exception of Turkey, have played a role in the events and tragedies going on in Iraq, each of them supporting an Iraqi group in accordance with its own interests. Turkey is trying to serve and support ALL Iraqis and for this reason Turkey's efforts are always hampered.

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