samedi 2 juin 2007

Tuz Khurmato: Sarha Bridge destroyed

AP Hadi Mizban Photo

2nd June 2007 - The Sarha Bridge, a major bridge near the Turkmen town of Tuz Khurmato on the Chinchal river some 150 km north of Baghdad has been destroyed early on Saturday. "Gunmen bombed this strategic and important bridge and caused a great deal of damage, cutting the road between Kerkuk and Baghdad," Colonel Abbas Mohammed Amin, police chief in Tuz Khurmatu, said.
Contrary to what Juan Cole writes on Saturday, June 02, 2007:
"Major Bridge in Kurdistan Destroyed" the bridge near Tuz Khurmato is NOT in Kurdistan. I reacted to this on his blog but he did not to publish my comments in his 'comments section'.

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