dimanche 10 juin 2007

More killings in Kerkuk

AFP:- Police said a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside the Al-Thikalain Husseiniyah shrine in Dakuk town, south of Kerkuk, at around 2:00 pm (1000 GMT), while at the same time a car bomb exploded outside.
Major General Torhan Yussef, chief of Kerkuk police, said five of the 19 dead were from a single family living near the mosque in Dakuk, a town largely inhabited by Turkmen Shiites. Doctor Azad Mahmud from Kerkuk general hospital confirmed the toll and added that 11 of the wounded were in serious condition.

In a separate incident west of Kerkuk, armed men killed an Iraqi army officer and his two-year-old daughter, police Lieutenant Mohammed Abdullah of the Hawijah police said.

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