dimanche 10 juin 2007

PKK attacks in Turkey have claimed more than 37.000 lives

Recently we have been reading in the press:

“Iraq Summons Turkish Diplomat to Protest Cross-Border Shelling and the US warn Turkey against crossing the border…”

“Turkey says the PKK, whose two-decade-old insurgency in eastern and south-eastern Turkey has claimed more than 37,000 lives, is acting under the protection of Iraqi Kurds of Kurdistan.”

The “US-appointed Green Zone Iraqi Government” and the US Government have classified the PKK as a “terrorist group” and have repeatedly promised Turkey they would take the necessary measures to stop these terrorists - who hide in the region controlled by the Kurdish war-lords Talabani and Barzani - from attacking Turkey. But they have not kept their promise and unfortunately these terrorists are continuing their attacks…

Now the Iraqi Puppet Government and the US are denying Turkey the right to protect itself by pursuing these PKK terrorists who use bases in northern Iraq to launch their attacks inside Turkey to try and destabilize the country and kill innocent Turkish citizens.

So, it’s all right for the US to invade and destroy Iraq pretending to pursue an “imaginary enemy thousands of kilometres from its shores” and kill thousands of Iraqis, but it is not all right for Turkey who is being attacked by terrorists hiding accross its borders in the north of Iraq to retaliate.

We all know that the Puppet Iraqi Government is not capable of controlling the Iraqi borders, as it is barely able to secure its Green Zone hiding place.
Therefore, it is the entire responsibility of the " U.S Army Commanders" - who occupy Iraq and who have not only allowed but also supported the Kurdish war-lords to install their hegemony over the entire north of Iraq - to take action in order to neutralize these PKK terrorists and prevent them from attacking Turkey and killing innocent civilians.

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