mardi 23 février 2010

Alisher Navoi, the father of the Uzbek language and arts

"Know all humankind: Amity with the world is
the great blessing, Enmity the greatest curse."
Alisher Navoi

The Great Silk Road is known for its poets. Poetry is still important here just as it was five centuries ago. Therefore, we want to introduce you to some of the contemporary poets and translators of the country of Uzbekistan, while highlighting one of the greatest poets ever - Alisher Navoi. Navoi (1441-1501) lived most of his life in Herat, Afghanistan.

His numerous writings, endowments, and his life example have had lasting influence. Today in Uzbekistan, he is revered above all other poets. The name of Alisher Navoi is visible throughout the country. His proverbs are on the tongues of Uzbeks, Turkmen and Tajiks. The World Peace Council described him as “a brilliant intellect and a charmer of speech, who dealt with the socio-political issues of his epoch. He is extremely dear to all progressive humanity. We regard him as a courageous fighter for human happiness, freedom, equality, friendship and peace.”

Navoi is the father of the Uzbek language and arts, and he is a father to anyone who writes for peace, for love of God and humanity. May we learn from him and from those he has left behind for us! Welcome to Navoi's garden!

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