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Dr. Finkelstein banned in Berlin

February 22, 2010
Germany’s Heinrich Boll Foundation and the Rosa-Luxemburg House have cancelled Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s scheduled lecture in Berlin on February 26, 2010 under pressure from the Israel Lobby. Last October, a scheduled lecture in Munich by Israeli historian, IIan Pappe was also cancelled under similar circumstances.

“In his fiction and journalism, Heinrich Boll, sought to define a new German democratic consciousness productivity informed by Vergangenheitsbewaltigung. I believe that by participating in the defamation and censorship of Norman Finkelstein, the Foundation you represent, Mr. Adamaschek, has failed to advance this necessary process and has proved unworthy to bear the name of such a great writer and humanist as Heinrich Boll,” an open letter from Raymond Deane, former Chairman of Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Both parents of Dr. Norman Finkelstein were Holocaust survivors. He is a proud Jew but dislikes the past Jewish persecution being used by the Israel and Zionists for political gains. Dr. Finkelstein has shown his support for the Palestinians and Lebanese resistance against Israeli occupation. On domestic issues, Dr. Finkelstein, is saying not much different than some former Congress members (Robert Findley, Cynthia McKinney, James Traficant, etc.) dared to say and got their political career destroyed by the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups. James Traficant, for example, said on Greta van Sustern’s TV Show (FOX News) on September 10, 2009: “I believe that Israel has a powerful stranglehold on American government. They control both members of the House, the House and the Senate. They have us involved in wars which we have little or no interest….. We are conducting the expansionist policy of Israel and everybody is afraid to say it…… Israel gets approximately $15 billion a year from the American taxpayers. That $15 billion is $30,000 for every man, woman and child. And people in my district are losing their pension benefits…”

German Chancellor, Angela Markel, is a blind supporter of the Zionist entity. In her address to the US Congress on November 3, 2009 – she proved to be a hypocrite by saying: “There are different ways to create peaceful co-existence. Tolerance mean showing respect for other people’s history, traditions, religion and cultural identity”. However, in the same breath she denied the same rights to Iranians: “A (non-existant) nuclear weapon in the hands of Iranian President who denies the holocaust, threaten Israel and denies Israel the right to exist (on an Arab land but not on German land where the Jewish holocaust happened) is not acceptable. For me, the security of Israel, will never be open to negotiation….” Markel’s Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Gottenberg is a Zionist Jew too.

Germany had a Jewish population of 25,000 before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Currently, it stands around 100,000 due to large Russian Jewish community in the former East Germany. Berlin has a Jewish population of 12,000. Germany, like France, the US and Britain has a very powerful Jewish Lobby working for Israel’s interests. However, all Germans don’t support Markel’s blind support for Israel. For example, in June 2009 – Flecia Langer 80, a former Israeli human right lawyer and author – received Germany’s highest honor, the ‘Federal Cross of Merit, First Class’ in Stuttgart for her work to build bridges between Israeli Jews and Palestinian natives. She has been called a “self-hating” Jew by the pro-Israeli groups for citicizing Israeli policies and not hesitating to draw parallels not only between Israel and former apatheid South Africa but also between Israel and Nazi Germany. The famous German author, Ralph Giordano, in his essay “Her Enemy is Israel“ quoted Langer’s reason to leave Israel and make Germany her home: “I have made a politically conscious choice for Germany. It is a challenge for me, because I understood with what brutality and sophistication Israel has exploited the German’s guilt. If anyone open his mouth, one calls him anti-Semite right away and says: How can a German dare to criticize us, with the weight of such a past on the shoulders? The Israeli government abuses the blood of our mothers and fathers”. Israel has extracted US$93 billion from German taxpayers’ since 1950s.

During her April 29, 2009 presentation in Linz – Flecia Langer, praised Iranian president Dr. ahmadinejad for standing-up to Israel and its western poodles at the UN anti-racism conference in Geneva: “What Ahmadinejad said in Geneva is the truth”.

Germany is home to the third largest Muslim population (3-4 million) in Europe after Russia (20-25 million) and France (7-9 million). Some European demographic experts fear that by 2050 – one out every five Europeans will be a Muslim. One of the famous German converts to Islam is Dr. Wilfried Murad Hofmann, a German diplomat, author and former Director of Information NATO in Brussels. Dr. Hofmann was interviewed by Kristiane Backer on Ebru TV’s show Matters of Faith.

Dr. Finkelstein gave an interview to Julia Riber Pitt of CSUN in June 2009 (watch the video at the beginning of this post) in which he praised Hizb’Allah and said that Israel is in no position to fight with Hizb’Allah or Islamic Iran without the active help of the US.

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