samedi 27 février 2010

Updates on the Iraqi "Elections" by Layla Anwar

-February 27, 2010

Below are Excerpts from Layla Anwar’s post: Updates on the Iraqi “Elections”:

VOTING CARDS & FRAUD : I did mention that the number of eligible voters in Iraq is 18M, today they're saying it's 19M, in the space of one week the number of eligible voters has increased by 1 M ! That's what I call a rapid growth society!

Anyways, for 18 million or 19 million eligible voters -- 26 Million voting cards have been issued. (see my previous posts) but today I learned that another extra 7 Million cards are being issued over and above the 26 million ones. Wait, wait, it's not finished yet. There are 50'000 voting "bureaus" (more like kiosks) and for each voting bureau there will be an extra 50 electoral voting cards just in case. No one says in case of what. So that means a total of 2.5 million extra voting cards over and above 13 million extra voting cards (source in Arabic Al-Sharqiya ). I am assuming that a quarter of Iran's population will be voting with the Iraqis !


- On the Kurdish front a serious split is taking place. A splinter group from the PUK of Jalal Tabalani calling itself the Party of Change is now in some alliance with the Kurdish Islamic group and a few Kurdish communists, their main grievances - lack of transparency, corruption and dictatorship by the Kurdish leadership.

On another note regarding the Kurds and this is an VERY IMPORTANT POINT so pay attention please.

In the past the Kurds managed to secure about 58 seats in the Iraqi parliament, this time around, they are aiming for more seats BECAUSE - MOSUL, KIRKUK and a part of DIWANIYA are placed under the Kurdish electoral list.

- Snoring General Odierno has made a special preliminary request to Obama to keep a good number of troops notably in KIRKUK past their deadline to secure "peace in the area". Obama has given a preliminary OK.

- VP Tariq Hashimi during his visit to Egypt stated that IRAQ needs an ARAB government. (No shit - Did he just discover dynamite or what ?!)

- Al- Lami (Chalabi's best friend) of the Justice and Accountability committee has not only banned Saleh Al-Mutlaq from the elections but is presenting him to Iraq's Higher criminal/penal courts. Dr.Al-Mutlaq has been urged by people who support him to leave Baghdad for his own safety, something which he refuses to do...

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