vendredi 14 septembre 2007


تورکمن صحرا آزادلیق قوراماسی / سازمان آزادیبخش ترکمن صحرا


When democracy is concerned, the United States applies different standards to each country. Its approach towards various other ethnic groups involves double-standards. An obvious example to this is the way the US acts to the ethnic minorities in Iraq.

The US has built its strategic tactic in Iraq on supporting the Kurds of Northern Iraq. It not only provides them with political but also with every kind of weaponry assistance. The US and Israel try to establish a strong base in the region by trying to shape the Kurdish government in Iraq, fuelling tensions and by creating an environment of separatism in Iran, Syria and Iraq.
The violation of the Turkmen (a well-rooted minority in the region) rights in Northern Iraq also serves this aim. While historical documents present an evidence to the fact that Kirkuk is a Turkmen city, the US and Israel provide all the financial and arms assistance to the Kurds living in this city and try to change the demographic structure of the country to create the favorable conditions for this group. Every kind of obstacle is put forth in order to prevent the Turkmens, who have previously been drawn out from Kirkuk, from coming back.

This very moment the western media mentions the northern part of the country as Kurdistan. The US and its allies define Kirkuk and other Turkmen cities as the cities of Iraqi Kurdistan. For example in a Persian broadcast of BBC, aired on July 16, 2007, the following was stated regarding the explosions in Kirkuk “Dozens of people died and were wounded in the two great explosions, which took place in the Kirkuk city of Iraqi Kurdistan”.

Although a referendum has not been held regarding the future status of Northern Iraq just yet, how can the Persian Office of the BBC define this region as the Iraqi Kurdistan? As it can easily be seen these expressions are dictated. The principle aim is to link Kirkuk to Iraqi Kurdistan. Of course there is a strong Turkish country opposing this idea and that country is Turkey. It will not be easy to attain these sly plans and that is why the referendum has been delayed. Otherwise neither Kirkuk nor the Turkmens would be left for the Turkmens until this day.

The US, which frequently mentions human rights and the rights of minorities, only supports those ethnic groups, which suit their own long-term aims and leave out those, which only strive for their own future and independence and which refrain from imperialistic movements.

Other ethnic groups should be aware that their existence is dependent on their unification. The Turkish nations will stand against their enemy by only leaning on each other and by protecting their lands passed over to them by their ancestors.

The American imperialism, which is on the side of the Kurds in Northern Iraq together with Israel, should start acting wiser. They should be well aware of the fact that single-sided policies, which guard only one ethnic group, form walls of insecurity not only around the Turkmens of Iraq but also around the Turkmens of Iran and the Azerbaijan of Iran.

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