mardi 18 septembre 2007

The death of History and the Independent by Gabriele Zamparini

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The front page of today's Independent reads: "2,000-year-old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers".The Independent's editors responsible for the paper's first page have no idea what they are writing about. Sumer (or Šumer) was the earliest known civilization of the ancient Near East, located in lower Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), from the time of the earliest records in the mid 4th millennium BC until the rise of Babylonia in the late 3rd millennium BCUruknet's editor spotted what so kindly called a "typo" and added the following note: [1] of course, it is a typo. Ur and Uruk are 6,000 years oldIt's a good article, signed by Robert Fisk who of course is not responsible for the "typos" of the Independent's editors.

Fisk writes: "Founded in about 4,000 BC, its Sumerian people established the principles of irrigation, developed agriculture and metal-working"

It seems the Independent's editors don't read Fisk.
The article is titled It is the death of history.
For some Independent's editors, it never started.

Together with a due correction, I'm sure the Independent will soon offer its readers the new ORB poll which suggests a total of 1,220,580 deaths as a result of the conflict in Iraq since 2003 (ie as a result of violence rather than a natural death such as old age).

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