samedi 5 janvier 2008

US occupation forces kill innocent Iraqi civilian and his son in Mosul

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) described the criminal acts committed by the American occupation forces in Mosul City as disregard for all human values.
The occupation forces killed a civilian with his son in their home in Mosul City arresting a woman.
At the press statement issued on 24 Dhil Hijja 1428 / 2 January 2008 AMSI told that the blood of innocent Iraqis will not go in vain. It will be a fire on whom they are indulging sooner or later insaallah.

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) condemned this heinous crime; carried the occupation forces fully responsible, calling immediate release of the detainees including a boy and a woman.

The media had reported news of the crimes committed by the occupation forces in the in Mosul on 27/12/2007.

AMSI also worked through the use of the identification of some undisclosed details of this heinous crime.

AMSI revealed that the American forces raided the home of Danoun Younis Khayyat17 Dhil Hijjah 1428. One soldier shot him, killing instantly. Another soldier opened fire on his son (Zaid) while he was lifting his head from his bed after awaking up and killed him as well. Then occupation forces searched the house, broke the furniture, detained all women in the bathroom, pouring cold water on them while passing through the scene to show him the dead people and horror.
The American soldiers set an operating system in the home, they conducted it to be loud, and then forces withdrew after left the house. The occupation forces arrested 14 years old boy.

The day after the incident some occupation soldiers contact with the American occupation troops across hotline (Hot line) about two deceased martyrs. One speaker said to them – after being questioned by the leadership – they were sorry; they killed the man and his son wrongly, it is not his son, the person sought in that task! !.

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